Because living is letting go…
When you want to throw your arms behind your body
and let your chest lead you, eyes closed, tears in bubble streams
dangling through the space between the light and your ears
toes scraping lines of your existence as your being glides through sand
know that you are not the first there; for this is where the trail ends
this passion pulling you past reason promises no more than fever
Because loving leaves no attachment scars…
When you want to wrap your crushing arms around her body
chest to chest with no place for matter to seep between you
clasping tightly until the skin of you melds into hers unrecognizable
between who you used to be and death just one heart beat carrying the weight of two hopeless halves suffocating in the wind storm
know that this temporary trauma is not the destination one can return from
this pathetic power struggle of panicked people promises no more than pain


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