Normal Men
Rape one another.
They lie with malicious intent
They steal and castrate
while ravaging the entire earth
with no thought of remorse outside of
the rightness of revenge
Torture, demolition, hostility
Violence, retribution happen every second
of every day
in every corner of our world
Normal Men
Shoot and stab one another.
And because the frequency is common
It is normal
Destruction, hatred, aggression
are being committed by
Oppressive Normal Men
in shadows and in the light
so often that no one is sensitive to it anymore
And because the fervency with which Men
destroy Men remains consistent
It is as normal as birth
Normal Men are the parents and children of
Monsters in every generation
of our existence.
They manipulate for personal gain
Normal Men
murder one another.
They judge with death and scoff at life
They bring endless pain in a circular fashion
and leave it rotating in their wake.
So I am curious,
As just another normal man-
about what would it cost us
and what we could become
if we decided all at once and suddenly
To be abruptly abnormal
and live outside of our current averages
and against our own total self destruction….



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