Aliza Kezeradze

Addiction is a disease…
I want to stop this but I can’t
My brain stem won’t let me breathe

Addiction is unpredictable predictably…

and I don’t want to stop anyway because if I could I don’t know if I would
I want you to love me

But quit teasing
My frontal cortex doesn’t want other thoughts

Addiction often walks arm and arm with mental illness…

so although I think about it ending all of the time,
I think more about it beginning because it doesn’t really exist,

My limbic system is motivated for you only

I need you to love me

But quit being so pleasing
Addiction relapses are common during recovery…

I can’t think of anything between our first and next kiss
and I know this obsession is just self-sabotaging anything else that I could be,

My neurons are lying to one another

Addiction ignores consequences of behavior…

I’m craving you to love me

But quit teasing
there is nothing stopping me, not even reality,

My receptors have gone hog wild

Addiction can develop after a single use…

there is nothing that can seem to make this craving go away,

I wish I had never ever seen your stupid perfect face
I’ll die if you don’t love me

But quit being so pleasing
My mind is flooded with dopamine

Addiction is physical and psychological…

and then these reactions to your activation would not be haunting me,
My body is overstimulated

I’m anxious for you to love me

Just tease me and please me
Addiction is confusing…

I’d be free, which I ultimately can be
but if I wanted that I’d walk away easily

yet somehow I can’t just leave…
Love me.

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