At some point you have to stop drinking from a real or simulated nipple
At some point the pain of adult teeth will make you cry
Sooner or later your itchy pockmarked acne covered face will clear
Sooner or later the person that you love the most will break your heart
You’ll have tax problems and fires
You’ll have leaks and flattened tires
You’ll have too much or too little to eat
You’ll have no idea how you’ll get the money
You’ll survive on less than you deserve
Count on it.  You will…
At some point you’ll master drinking out of cups and glasses though
At some point you’ll gnash your fully grown teeth
Sooner or later your heart’s wounds  heal and the muscle, resuscitated again and again thrives
Sooner or later the person who broke your heart the first time is a distant memory
You’ll have romances and flings
You’ll have awards and creations
You’ll have enough to share and plenty to give
You’ll have a surplus to leave to your children
You’ll make it out of every valley of your life..
Count on it. You will…



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