I told you no because I was scared
(You know I was scared, you ’bout that bullshit)
So I pretended that some dude was on his way so that you’d leave
What I’ma do about wearing emoji hearts on my sleeve?
I told you no because I was feeling things
Stupid things
Way pretending
So I pretended that my ex was right outside ready to fight a being
I told you no because I was scared that I
(was way too high)
was the only one enamored- not high, on the fly
Maybe I was hammered, lets call it hammered
So I pretended someone was coming
to check me and flex on me so you would see
(but nobody here is really feeling me)
yet here we are
And I’m curving sure things in case you fall through
And I’m making key copies, one for you
yet here I am
stuck with you
And I’m no longer into anyone but the essence of you
Ten minutes, romeo montague
You’re busy now to save your soul from me, my dues
yet here I am, my love, let interest accrue
You’re preoccupied because I tend to be on one
That shit happens to be no front
Whiskey downin’
You so sure I’m clownin’
yet here I am spoutin’
I’ve got something that you want, son
Let me 3 d print you some
But since I told you
to hide in case an alpha wanted to get physical too
But since I asked you
to hold your breath because of a bigger dude
Now you see that all I want is the ‘RL’  you
Time is true, Time is true
I’m done with snapchat you
Need you, little dumbass insignificant you
(But I don’t really try to)
Hold down useless ass you…
The dirtball I can’t subdue

But who…
Me or you?


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