Compulsive Twitcher

I put on my love lab coat and wash and rewash my hands
I don’t want to change you, I just need to understand
The long term effects of relapsing addiction’s demands…
What kind of bird are you, is what I feel true?
Is this walking talking agony a side effect of you?
Are you an Eastern Meadowlark with the power to subdue pain
Or a drowsiness inducing young Sanderling?
I wanna fuck you in a glass elevator in Paris, Boubou..
Is this hallucination caused by overextended use?
Do I do whatever you want because my drug of choice is abuse?
Are you a sedating Song Sparrow hiding in the trees?
Or a euphoric Palm Warbler simply taunting me?
I just want to listen to you talk and watch you oversleep-
How did you get this much power over me?
My lab coat is stained now, my hands cramp and bleed
I’m studying the subject with no hope of relief
Cold turkey, cold turkey?? There is no such thing…
Are you the Goldfinch of dopamine flooding my brain
Or are you just a hungry Hawk driving me insane?
You’re the best worst person ever, I drown in your abyss-
I’d tie off my blood flow for a hug and clavicle kiss…
I’m so close to overdosing that depression feels like a gift
I want you to be a free bird and I know what that means
That I will never truly know your family, genus or species…
On the other hand I simulate happy when my dependence is complete
So you fly off of the table and take the lab coat forcefully
I’m losing my grip on reality the coma is coming, tell me-
Are you Turdus Migratorius and how much is methadone therapy?


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