When the Monster Gambles…

I told him next to David he was number two
his clean ass apartment was like Academia too
I initially came just to get some weed
but then he laid a sob story on me

and I was already fully drunk
Cause he had texted he fucked up his truck
in a collision on the way to me
His god was saying I was the baddest seed

So I got up and cut up my dress
put on the hair that he saw last
and set out on a mission in the rain
for one, sure, to see his fine ass again

but also to get some of the dankest green
and for this part of the country a Henry is pretty cheap
I got there and guess what, first thing
he pulled up my skirt and licked me clean

he dug his face deep so I could feel his pain
Inside, outside, floods from the rain
So swollen from his accident
so over the bed my body was bent

My quiet parts soak up his face
my skin cells all over his place
and then melancholy set in
or maybe he heard his phone beeping

I was ultra faded and in the jazzy belle zone
so he made arrangements with whoever she was
and without any words I grabbed my stuff
I knew my time for the night was up

I was sad at first as I said goodbye
He put his jeans back on but said he was tired
I felt so used for a second or two
But then the wind caught my hair, a breeze blew through

When I got on the highway, cotton mouth dry
I was like hold up, I bought weed and I got to fuck that guy?
Yeah, Bitch
This is that gangster life

I didn’t have to cook and I didn’t have to clean
He gave me head and I got to LEAVE?!!
My mind accepts this purchase as a double treat …………
Skeet skeet skeet skeet skeet and skeet


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