One for your sour moods…
One to make you laugh…
One who will plan revenge with you when a friend stabs you in the back-
One for regular sex…
One for cash to hold…
One for the lonely nights to cuddle away the cold-
One for photographs…
One to share a beer…
One to kiss your ass and tell you what you want to hear-
One to fantasize about…
One to share a toke…
But not one that you can classify as “equally yoked”.


2 thoughts on “Okay…”Cupid”

  1. After being “unequally yoked” i understand what it means. Its not essentially “matching” but one who is willing and able to grow and change alongside you. So one can be more experienced and more lived. Just when you are together your goals, drive, ambition, passion, and understanding align. I might be off but i wanted to share my thoughts

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