70 Dollars USD

I’d have gambled it baby, bought Brazilian hair, or copped some floral perfume
I would have found someone else or other nonsense to spend it on besides you
But nothing else that I could buy, not ecstasy, not cocaine, not weed
Can do me how you do me and so cheaply, so cheaply… nearly free
You’re running rival right now, baby, to whiskey and breathing
And whatever it costs to get you next to me, to make you feel me, you’re receiving
If my smile were enough or my body sir that too I would pay
But cold hard cash somehow, every time, makes you just a bargain away
And for a little while, just a little while, I feel like a king up against your skin
And I’ll work overtime, work holidays, work every weekend
just to afford your smile again
just to orbit in your space
just to watch you dance naked with fear smeared on your face
I am the most important bitch to you on this earth
Tell me that you love me while I swallow your girth
Lay down and let me fuck you like its love, the real thing
Let me beat you, let me hurt you, let each slap crystalize its sting
I’d have bought lottery tickets, band tee shirts and love songs on vinyl
But instead I chose to spend it snorting your minutes like they are rhinal….
Kiss me for all it costs, sir, I paid good money for this kiss
Hug me like I am the most major female that you know or could get
Monster, make my liquid assets worth all of this bullshit-
Fuck a thank you, sir, being next to you is an inexpensive bliss…

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