Saltpeter Rain

The perfect way that hydrogen collides with oxygen to quench my thirst
The musical way that you play me like 4 chords and the bass note hurts
The way that just a trace element of selenium is all that my body needs
The way that even your softest touch has me involuntarily prostrating
The wind sweeping over everything invisibly changing it slightly
The pain that I feel whenever I can’t breathe you in, is frightening
The fact that the only happiness I desire is crawling in your cranium
The inevitable explosion of 50kg of enriched uranium
The way that I fight myself for missing you every second
The only high is our true connection the only low, its bullshit reflection
The velocity and the turbulence spinning in the blue of your eyes
The electromagnetic spectrum that we can just barely define
You’re blowing my mind, you’re wasting my time, volcanic sulfur dioxide
All of this cosmic instrumental chaos orbiting itself magnetically
Dancing through lightening around black holes in the fabric of our being
is proof that there has to be a god on the other end of the USB playing
and just like you after a combustion or two has no intention of staying…

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