So many sage instructions, so many well defined paths to choose
“You should stop wanting anything that you can’t bear to lose”
“But you should never give up, if its love, then go on, and take the risk”
“But know that none of this matters because nothing actually exists”
“Plan your future”, “keep moving forward,” “yet live only for the day”
“Let them go if they don’t want you” but “never be the one to walk away”
He says that he can’t feel it but I know somehow that he does
I have to decide what to do, give him up or sacrifice common sense for love
“Hang on until there’s something,” or accept, “there is nothing at all”
And follow one of the paths given to you, “be gigantic” or “be small”
Everything I’ve ever done so far has brought him closer to me
but all of conventional human wisdom says, “I have no choice but to leave”
“Be number one,” yet “help the community,” but “stand by yourself” and still “love every man”
“Take what you give” and “give until you die” but “know how much you can withstand”
“Say your truth” but “keep things quiet,” “mind your business,” yet “go with the flow”
And none of these wise options are the true road to him, so “do we really reap what we’ve sown?”

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