Cherry Coke Cravings

Just the right amount of sunshine creeps through the windshield…
Thank you for emptying the trash in me
For avoiding tragedy
For setting me free
Your kisses clean.
Just the right song for breaking up with ambecrombie plays on the radio…
Thank you for exposing the saddest me
For killing me softly
For daring me to breathe
Your kisses bleed.
I know what I need, its not you, its all me
You know what I need, it was you, now its me
I would have never ever seen the whole scene
if you weren’t so lovely when you’re mean-
Just the perfect kiss on the single tear rolling down my right cheek…
We know what you need, not us obviously
You know what I need, a full tank and my car keys
Thank you for everything
For the bruises that your kisses leave
For the whispered apology that stings
Your kisses deceived.
Yet …this death…baby, this death… was quite sweet…

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