Of Danger Mice & Metro Men

You met her
You met me
Fool me once, you fucked up
Our circumstance, this tired dance
I didn’t need you, I want(ed) you
I want(ed) just nothing less than all of you
Blood too
Fool me twice don’t seem right
Step back into the damned light
You met her
You met me
Why would I keep trying to be what you need
When someone else makes your heart beat?
Fool me three times, I like it then, huh?
Now I fucked up
I have to destroy you to love you, I see
Tie you up ’til you almost cum in me
‘Til you almost love me
You met her
You met me
…’Til you’re almost happy…
But they all let you cum you said
Fool me four times, I’m clearly dumb in the head
But they all let you cum, you said, you hated that
You’re worth every penny as a matter of fact
And still worthless enough though
To learn to resent, if your heart I can’t get
Then I know my place
You know that you get what you deserve
I damn near have to kill you, huh?
We all get what we deserve
The punishment curve
Our circumstance
This tired ass dance
Fool me five times and I break free
But I’ll have your cage key
I’ll have your cage key
You met her
You met me
And your body, boy is not enough
Shitty fucking luck
Others have the submissive style of take me
You have the submissive style of MAKE ME
Okay, I’ve got a hot one for you
I’ll do whatever you want me to
Yet in the back of my mind, she roams
You won’t fool me with your exquisite moans
You met her
You met me
But I’m not like the other one
(I’m not that other one)
The one that ignores you
(I’m not that other one)
The one who has another one dumber than you
To meet her needs, yet I’ve black widowed all of mine
You’re the only one for me at this point in time
But apparently you’re like this with everyone
But apparently she’s the one you love
and not me
You met her
You met me
But you can’t make yourself love me……………………
Keep your love, then, bitch, take it to hell with you
Kneel in a fiery prison cell of eternal damnation, my cage
Facing her, three feet away, but too many flames to touch her face
Constantly screaming my name, her way…so she too feels me
Looking at her second rate, charred ass and remembering
how wrong you did me
(I’m not that other one)
Fool me six times and we’ll see…

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