Lovesick Sun Tzu’s Tweets

Translated by Emotion
Originally Published the 2017th year of the Common Era

Chapter 1: Understanding yourself and the man

  1. The lovesick one knows: The army of minions & the harlot’s whisper are necessary distractions; Calculate every pawn’s move to prevent him avoiding inevitable capture.
  2.  Surround yourself w/many male suitors so that he is disoriented & thinks too highly or lowly of you & then whichever way he chooses; attack.
  3. Scraps of love for everyone, including him (although his scraps are the biggest)- Give all to none until the one sacrifices himself for it first.
  4. Practice on everyone. Stay prepared. Pretend to be disoriented or even coy but let nothing catch you off guard.
  5. Scare him regularly with the calmness of your sea and colorful explosions overhead. Ensure that retreat is impossible. Be his weakness.
  6. Whatever he chooses to do is the right thing; so steer the ship from behind the scenes. Exert minimal energy. Use your head.
  7. A protector is but a servant with a mission. Is this not how he was designed? Be his sole dangerous mission and be served by him for the ages.
  8. Hence the saying: Know that you tempt him because he thinks that you can’t. But see, you can- or he wouldn’t have been thinking about if you could or couldn’t at all.
  9. Self doubt cripples. Focus on what you really want; victory. The victor wins the love.

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