Roller Coaster Hurl

Nothing was scarier than that one time, on a 35 degree incline, driving atop icy layers sans sun, just flurried snow right outside of Grand Junction, in case you wanted to know, except that one time, I’ll never forget, nothing more frightening than that, one time that my ex husband ran our car directly into an oak tree, purposely, with him in it and me, talk about unnerving, except that time in the park near Ruckle Street, flip flops flying off my feet, and some neighborhood Naptown boys were chasing me, because I wouldn’t kiss them equally and individually, unconsentingly, and if I’m telling the truth then I’d have to say, that nothing was more disheartening than the day, that I slit my own wrists in a warm bath, fifth of gin down my throat chasing a bottle of aspirin back, trying to toss a radio in, absolving me of all my sin, until a worse thing happened, the worst to me, absolutely the most terrifying, that defining moment that I began to see, the impending and inevitable stage left exiting, of the love that I thought that you had for me, when you know that I don’t want you to ever leave, I’m not coping, not to overstate your importance, or anything…I’m just saying….


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