Everyone has an opinion, they all have something to say
about how you can’t love him unless he takes you on REAL dates
He’s too damn young and you’re too fucking old
You’re too vinyl and he’s too download
Ain’t no new episodes if you don’t move on
Ain’t no variety to the sad poetic song
He’s too much air and you’re too down to earth
You’re too mother hen and he’s too baby bird
All these naysayers don’t want you to continue
Because losing him terrifies them of what you might do then…
Youre too settled down hes too lets touch the sky
You’re too gods a wavelength He’s too gods a guy
Yet you’re not trying to hold him back or down (regardless of how he leans)
But nobody trusts the girl who thinks his lust is actual loving
He’s too black and yet somehow you’re too white
He’s too Thursday morning and you’re too Monday night…

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