Not just one shirt
Not just one night
Not just one sunset
Not just one eye
Not just one heartbeat
Not just one step
Not just one moon beam
Not just one lip
Not just one butterfly wing
Only one is a maniacal lie
Takes at least two to tango
The more the merrier is the line
At least three for company
Four clovers are the luckiest kind
If one is the lonliest number
If there’s never really just one anything
If together we go further
Explain monogamy
Not just one reason
Not just one rhyme
Not just one tooth
Not just one side
Am I the only one who feels it
Thousands; the reality
Explain why I get so jealous
When you love anyone other than me?


One response to “Quarantined”

  1. Da Absentee Avatar

    In an attempt to answer the final question of this read… its ok to be selfish when it comes to the matter of your heart. Its special to know that something is yours and only yours


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