Why does it turn you on?
You’ve refused to think reasonably for so long
The change from liquid phase to a gaseous phase is known
What about the rightness of him is so terribly wrong?
Oxygen is produced by splitting of water during the photosynthesis song
Time to ask the hard questions if you’re brave…
Why does it break you when he goes away?
We know the causes of the games apoptosis plays…
What do you seem to lack that solidifies him in your brain?
The science of religion is the fact that there is no escape
Recognize the cause when you are craving him fervently
His moan, his reasons, his ambivalence are only self serving
Train yourself to discover why you are so desperate for depravity…
His smirk, his kiss, his snide comments, his brevity
If he wasn’t what he is, you know you wouldn’t want him
Like poles repel, unlike poles attract then…
So master the missing piece and transcend the longing
His eyes, his sighs, his missed calls, his warnings
Light takes 8 minutes to reach you from the sun
Don’t let ugly pretty be how you die if you can still run
Cure your broken heart by caulking up the truth from vain lies
Close your thighs, think a sec, open up your glossy eyes-
Understand your addiction to avoid the next surprise…
Go back for testing to where we started from…
Why does this stupid shit still turn your dumb ass on?

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