Am I helping or hurting him you and myself
Why are we sneaky ass predators moving so stealth

why do we trick each other all of the time

I don’t mean clothes or makeup or hair or wine

I mean pretending that we want to be there at all
When really the person we want is dodging the call

When really we just want a cushion for when we fall
Am I helping or hurting him me or you
I mean knowing good and damn well you have no interest in pursuit
There’s something about me that doesn’t meet your needs

Why get mad at what grows after you’ve planted seeds
Why spend any real length of time courting lies
Why lay down with me if you don’t want to sacrifice your life
Am I helping or hurting me you and him
Will telling the truth afterward even matter then

Am I doing the wrong things just to get my way
Am I afraid that the wrong one is the only one who will stay
Why can’t I walk away I’ve got no excuse
Is there a cuckold prayer somewhere that I can use?

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