Its only worth the paper that its printed it on so I wrote it in the sky
Every single part of your body always kept me high
I loved you monster, I really did as much a heartless woman could
You’re a horrifying disappointment, the very absence of good
Doesn’t stop me from missing your smell or your devious ways
Doesn’t stop me from wasting thoughts on you a million times a day
You’re not worth a single ounce of my soul or a second more of time
You told me over and over again but I’m comfortable listening to lies
The constant apologies are starting to make sense
At least you never pretended you were anything other than shit
Still if I could kiss you once more I would have no other choice
Still hoping a good man lives inside the timbre of your voice
I’d stand next to him for ages, for ions, till there is no more night
And not calling you is the hardest battle that I daily have to fight
I’d have not survived this hellish place without fantasies of you
At least that’s one kind thing even if imagined I can attribute
If I had to wear a face like yours a better man I’d be, I can’t say
I want everything that you deserve, every bit that is coming your way
To suffocate you and destroy you like you tried to do to me
I want your spirit to be crushed wholly and in its entirety
I don’t need you, nobody does and I hope that I never see you again
Not even in the nightmares I have of being played by the most beautiful of men
And even as I spew sad venom there is only one thing that’s true
The fact that I’m still pissed off about us means I’m still enamored with you…


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