Pico Bolivar

I stare at your mountain from the bottom and I’m scared
You’ve started growing out of the bulbs of my hair
I put my feet up in stone crevices and pull my body’s weight
No innocents have been damaged during this cursed phase
I’m too high up the hill now to survive a fall
I wasn’t enough for you so you never called
All I want is tangible evidence that we’re through
If I reach the top alive I’ll have a better view
This painful bloody love is so brutally unfair
Will I even be able to breathe up there
I put my cracked hands on the rock above my face

No one else has such wicked woeful ways
The wind sways me and I hug the dirt wall
I punch myself in the neck if I think of you at all
Seems that I truly want to get over this mountain of you
Since you only make me feel things that I can’t totally prove…


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