Alex Forrest

I was perched on the edge of a skyscraper minding my own
Until you came along boy, until you came along
Nobody told you to look at me in my eyes long enough to feel
Nobody told you to offer a heathen a hedonistic deal
And now that I am your shadow and you’re caught up
Now that I can’t leave you alone and you’re so fucked
Now that I stalk your bones and it feels like bad luck
You want to whine and cry thinking you can still pray
You want to try and insult me or hurt me for the mess you made
Nothing that you could fathom to deter would actually make the grade
I was just fine like I was, stone faced and cold
Sitting up menacing the entire fucking world
Welcome to eternity-XOXO….
Welcome to always hating my love
and you said mistakenly, give all of that grotesque affection fully
I did what you asked now you’re stuck indefinitely
Poor thing, you’ve captivated the gargoyle and now you can’t flee….
But you thought it was temporary boy, temporarily

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