Anakin Skywalker

I don’t want to talk about how sad I am, how forlorn, how empty, how pseudostrong, I’m using pseudo wrong, so I don’t want to discuss how you fill me when you feel me, how every second is infinity, where the cosmic quest’s objective is met, electric kiss of elusive kismet, so close to me, fancy dancing around misery, quietly and freely breathing on my neck, joining dust with a speck, saliva attack, I can’t speak on that, I won’t, nobody has to know how I crave your eyes undressing me, how you’re so damn tasty, how you don’t even really know me, you never could if you tried, how many times have I lied and said you were at home when you’d been long gone, I want to carve your name into a leather seat with just my teeth, I want to set fire to your heartbeat and burn you down but you will never hear any of that kind of weird obsessive shit from me, I wouldn’t do it, obviously…

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