Fishing Lures

First blessed pull:
I’m sure smoking with me is a horrible way to spend a few hours but you should…
Third pull:
I’m just curious if you want to or not, you know? Wanting to and doing so are not the same, are they?
Sixth pull:
Nothing is more beautiful in the world than a caged alpha male… but I’m not a priority to you like you are to me… You don’t and won’t make time to see me and you’re doing nothing to resolve the situation, which only makes me want to cage you even more…
*Coughing fit*
Eighth slow, long pull:
Just know, I have saved you a number of times by denying you these thick hips and plump lips… the air that you are breathing right now, that is not saturated with our sweat, I gave that to you. You’re welcome. I could have you anytime that I wanted, including this moment. But I have many toys and you’re my favorite one and that’s a problem. You get leeway that no one else gets. Keeping my distance is my penance for being so weak.
Tenth pull:
I want to taste you. I want to tease the cum and blood in your dick with my tongue and lips, moving all of that force right up your hot shaft, flow ready  to break the dam and then refuse to allow you to let it out, a second before you moan….
*gobbles what feels like a gallon of cherry coke*
Twelfth pull:
Tie you down. Fuck you blindfolded, hard and rough. Tell you how pathetic that you are that you wont come home and get in your fucking cage like a real man but you don’t deserve love. You don’t deserve my time, boy, I know that… even a few slaps across your beautiful face won’t change facts…
*cleans out one hitter*

Thirteenth and final solo pull:


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