On top, tip top, on top
Laid up, wait up, hold up
Too bad, so sad, you mad
I made you from clay
But you don’t need me…
Won’t stop, won’t stop, won’t stop
Wait up, stay up, sho nuff
So sad, too bad, sweet lad
That’s all you can say?
But you don’t believe in me….
That pop, this pop, that pop
Hold up, wait up, laid up
You mad, so sad, too bad
Not the time to play
This ain’t reality….
Won’t lock, can’t lock, no lock
Fake stuff, piles up, its enough
I’m glad, it’s rad, being bad
Feel like going away
Then give your soul freely…..
Bass drop, thunder rock, bass drop
Don’t touch, its too much, don’t touch
So bad, too sad, I ain’t mad
That every night shits out one more day
Then be with me…
I hope it gets through
I hope you see too
I hope you see soon
I still love just you

Just you.

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