The Lion Says, “Apparently you don’t want me but if you ever need me all you have to do is reach out to me, and I’ll be there, okay?”
I roll my eyes.
The Tiger Says, ” You never seem to ask me to come fuck anymore, what’s up?”
I sigh and then roll my eyes.
The Mosquito Says, “The turn up is over but I just stay staring at old pics of you all day long…”
I sigh, roll my eyes, and shake my head.
The Bear Says, ” Don’t try to make me feel badly for being more savage than you girl, get naked!”
I laugh, sigh, eye roll and then shake my head.
The Frog Says, ” But you don’t even like me and that’s crazy because no one will ever love you more or better than I do…”
I face palm, laugh, sigh, eye roll and head shake.
The Pigeon Says, ” I miss you, I heard that you moved to Italy, that’s dope, send me a ticket!”
I sneer, face palm, laugh, sigh, eye roll and head shake.
The Chicken Says, ” I can’t even understand why someone as dope as you would even talk to me, thank you, I don’t even know what to do now…”
I blush.
The Donkey Says, “Damn baby, I hope that you don’t mind me saying that you are so fucking sexy, please sit on my face…”
I sneer.
But the monster says, ” You have no idea what I do in my free time so don’t attempt to speak on it.”
I gasp.
And the monster says, ” What the fuck is wrong with you, calm the fuck down.”
I meditate.
And then the monster says, “You’re an incredible woman but that doesn’t mean that I want to see you all of the time, regardless of my circumstances…”
I miraculously agree and understand.
I’m in love…over and over again… with the worst beast that there ever was… the monster
And I’m satisfied with this.



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