Happiness For Idiots

I swear that I thought Mr. Yeti was the one
‘til Mr. Golem came long and my heart was done
Then I met Mr. Cyclops and he changed my mind
For a limited time, ‘til I knew Mr. Vampire was finally mine
But it fell through and Mr. Gremlin did too
So I was sure that Mr. Kraken was one I’d never lose
Then Mr. Banshee caught my roving eye
And I’d hoped Mr. Sasquatch would never say goodbye
Didn’t matter when Mr. Cerberus met me
I knew we’d be together for eternity like Mr. Zombie
Who clearly was no longer interested in me
And then Mr. Wendigo took my hand, I knew then he’d be my man
But Mr. Mummy was just as crazy and rude, you remember him too
Promising he’d stay, ‘til Mr. Werewolf got in the way
Then Mr. Manicore loved me down so true even you thought I couldn’t lose
But he left, they all did, I‘m befuddled and bemused
Now you’re crawling up when there’s no one left to choose
All of the monsters I wanted have finally been removed
And you claim I’m best suited for someone like you
You’re still standing strong, like this is where you belong
Watching me do all sorts of devious wrongs
For some unknown reason, your song echoes on
You’ve been consistent while I kept pressing pause
I still search for my lonely monster’s love at the end of the world
So ‘til I catch a ghost, Mr. Cockroach, I guess I’m your girl…

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