She’s Teasing him
He’s Lying to her
(He didn’t think she would but she will)
She’s Inviting him
He comes to hers
(He didn’t think she could but she can)
She’s Kissing him
He’s Playing her
(He didn’t think she should but she shall)
She’s Stripping him
He’s Suspecting her
(He didn’t think he’d like it but she thinks for him)
She’s Caressing him
He’s Fooling her
(He didn’t think she wanted to but she wants it all)
She’s Blindfolding him
He’s Moaning at her
(He didn’t know love but she made sure first)
She’s Caging him
He’s Mad at her
(He didn’t think she was enough but she’s more)
She’s Punishing him
He’s Scared of her
(He didn’t think he loved her but she can taste it now)
She’s Dressing him
He’s a Fan of hers
(He didn’t think she’d win but she won)
She’s kicking him out
He’s Missing her…
(He didn’t think she’d end it but she does)

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