Bathsheba’s Tears

It’s so strange but it’s so true…
The first white dude said, that cut’s killer on you!
The second one said, why you walking around all sexy now,
with your brand new style girl, its stunning, damn, pow!
The third one said, about time, shiiiittttt,
now I can pull your hair with no weave in it!
The fourth one said, I care about you, not your hair
doesn’t make a difference to me what’s going on up there!
The fifth one said, you’re already so beautiful…
it’s hard to see that you look even better, natural hair suits you!
The sixth one said, ooh its lovely, black women are the best
all the prettiest girls wear their hair how it grows from their heads!
I was walking around feeling good and confident to boot|
It’s so strange I promise but so damn true…
The first black dude who stopped to talk to me
Was shaking his head disapprovingly,
He said why the fuck you rocking a lesbian hairdo?
You work in corporate America so you got something to prove?
You look like a man now, yeah its more intimidating…
But who’s fucking broads that got time for statement making?
White people gonna think you’re ugly, now it’s sorta true..
Nobody likes nappy heads sis, get some extensions and some glue!

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