As much as I crave your tender full lips pressed softly against mine for hours without end,
As much as I ache for your hot heavy hands leaving prints of you all over my moist and supple skin,
As much as I adore dragging you by your lever, fully erect into the delicate cavernous cushion of my soul,
It’s not my goal……………..
I am well aware that you can do what you do to me to anyone under your spell
Might as well,
I would if I were you and yet and yet and yet
If I had a choice
between how much I want to lay next to you and smell you
versus becoming a fiery part of you,
the latter is what I’d do,
since I really want to be the person that you later on recall
As one of the spirits that helped start it all
One of the cosmic entities who encouraged your ascension
even when you didn’t feel you were in contention,
even when you didn’t believe that you could soar,
I want you to say that I wanted for you so much more
than just my absolutely exceptional kisses every night-
That’s how much you matter to me,
You’re so much more than just your physique-
I want you to succeed.
Your sex is wonderful indeed-
nothing short of what should be expected from someone as beautiful as you but save it if you must for a woman that you love back too
Only if you must, I can’t deny that as much as I crave your lust
However and however and however
I’d rather live forever
in your memory if it means
A portion of your accomplishments you dedicate to simply being
pushed to the edge of your efforts as a consequence of knowing me…

I don’t deserve you and you don’t deserve me
We’re nothing and absolutely everything
We’re fundamentally ridiculous and creative beings
This was never just a chance meeting
Don’t do it for you do it for me
Help me see that I’m not merely crazy
Remember me, remember me, whatever you do

Go be great as verifiable proof
that my love for you is not fantasy
that you were blind until you saw you through me-

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