Membrum virile

My most furious of rages under his control
My most painful solace only his to mold
But minimal remorse exists between us two…
I don’t want what WE don’t want to do-
My dangerous ecstasies he commits to without lie
(But we both know we lie all the damned time)
My lonely bedroom has a crush on his essence
My happiest blue is painted by his surprising presence
My charge to lock him away demonstrates his debt…
Neither of us any room in our souls for regret-
Cyber generation penetration is affirmation not just sex
Being well with his well being my existential mindset
My constant appreciation is worn down yes, so used;
I still form more adhesive inside my tender vacuum
Maybe he turns me on because he doesn’t run
Maybe I think his sexiness is deeper than fleshy spectrum
My most open-minded strength he stretches with every ‘no’-
He’s the distraction in the action I’d be foolish to let go…
’til I know…
‘Til I make him grow…


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