Illusory Superiority

He comes in and I press my chest against him sweetly then I rub my hands down his torso, down his thighs, get on my knees and kiss his ankles before I look up with a pleading face and wrap my arms around the back of his legs, it looks like a lower body hug, It looks like I might bury my face between his legs but then I pull forward and I pull hard and his Grecian statue body tumbles backward onto the floor, still by the door, he wants to kick but I’ve got him so tight that I can pull him down underneath me enough that I am now on his chest and wrapping a scarf around both of his arms that are behind his back kissing him furiously full weight on his chest and then I flip him over, and grab his now sweaty yet violently tied wrists and drag him across the foyer, down the hallway to my room, he is dead weight, not resisting but not helping and I feel the strongest I have ever felt and when he reaches my carpeted cave I flip him once more and stare at his bruises from dragging, mount him again, hair disheveled, face pink, eyes wide and force my mouth onto his, grab his throat and take all of his air, either with my lips or my hands until he fish wriggles a little and then I let go and caress his face and hair so softly because he let’s me and whisper into his ear how much I love him, and lay tenderly next to him with my head on his heart, calming him and me way down until I can hear his and mine, intertwine, in time… thumping.

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