Discernable sequences

To the boy who wants me that I don’t want:

You’re crazy about me and you know that I don’t care about you so when will you stop this?
It doesn’t matter honestly if you think that your love is real, it’s the consistently stalkerish behavior that is the biggest of your problems.
I have no desire to love you now or ever, so if you genuinely care like you claim, then stop trying to force us to be together when I have already said no to your face. You feel like if you invest time or money or offer your body that somehow I am obligated to reciprocate and I simply am not.
Just out of respect for yourself, go live your life and find someone who is interested in what you are offering. Nothing you do for me can ever change my feelings and your actions make me think that your objective is possession and that I am not a person but a thing. I don’t want you to save me and how could you even suggest it? I am refusing your company because you’re not the end all be all of my happiness. When a relationship is right it will be easier than this even though some days being with anyone will be hard. I tried to be friends but that isn’t enough for you and I’m sorry. We had a good time for the time that we had but it’s over and you need to move on.

To the boy that I want but don’t need:

I’m crazy about you and I know that you don’t care about me.
It doesn’t matter, honestly, my love for you is real but the investment part is my biggest problem. I can love you for free at a distance and all I wanted to do was get close. So if you genuinely don’t want to deal with me, I’ll stop giving you so much of my time, my body and finances starting right now, out of respect for myself, so that I am open to having love returned to me by someone who is willing to do so. It doesn’t change how I feel that we will never be together but knowing you don’t want me is affecting my behavior. Relationships work best when similar feelings and objectives are held and an equal amount of effort is demonstrated. When a relationship is right it will be easier than this is even though I know that life for all of us is hard- everyone has challenges- but if you felt anything you’d have said so and I already know that you won’t. It’s over and I am sorry that it took me so long to see that. I don’t have to settle for your scraps because for me that is not enough so I guess I will just cut my losses. We had a good time for the time that we had but now it’s time for me to move on.

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