Semi Vogon Chatter

Six upon a time just yesterday I learned 21 universally Masihbrazleen things; 11 of them I have forgotten because I’d had 8 cups of Warflongping
Ten of them I did retain, 5 of which I cannot share here, 5 I thought might help another so I’ll tell them over one last Warflongping this celestial year,
First things first whatever you do keep your dreams and gimmycornbits to yourself -rehearse them in the head and in your heart chamber’s darkened corners but store precious gimmycornbits under your pelt,
merely because for obvious reasons when you tell others what you would like to do, until it exists outside the moon of your mindforest they will make fun of you, they will attempt to sway your mindforest by any means that they can, with tall glasses of expensive Warflongping and cheap lies about the validity of your best laid plans, Secondly and probably most importantly, listen with a grain of sizzlesheron to whatever it is that you hear, because all verbal linguistics come to you from a filter made of perceptions seasoned with fear, these ideas are flawed and often borrowed or mashed up musings made to bolst or repress cheer, these opinions and recommendations are only retold to keep everyone in line, sprinkle sizzlesheron when someone outside of you claims to see you from the inside, who you are and what you want and the extent of who you can be isn’t something anyone else could know,
they really are only seeing a film of a picture of a layer of skin that you’re constantly shedding with no control over letting go…
On the third hand there’s another thing that I learned that stuck to my soul you can’t help everyone who you run across, some of them only want to be pitied and sold, some have studied the art of complaint and the more you listen and absorb, the more you begin to carry their pain now like you don’t have histeriabolics of your own-we all do, it comes with us whether on the shores of Elestiatasia or the dead corridors of ancient Rome, our histeriabolics that we must bustle around we try very hard to heal when we’re strong, so be as generous as you can but the weight of the world is too heavy for one to try bear alone, remember that protecting your mindforest is not selfish as others make it seem to be, it is just a preventative maintenance upkeep mechanism required by the flesh that you are wearing-adjusting how everyone else feels might be a job for the god of fortune or Paelenrampako, but you are not Paleenrampako so worry about yourself if worrying is a problem to which you are prone-fourthly and its simply a fact that no one is perfect or righteous and without mistakes, so when you see them all around you, don’t get deterred or disturbed by everyone’s lack of grace, not long ago did we emerge from Masihbrazle as descendant of a more primitive species, and so far everything that we do is just a recycled version more tightly woven in it’s simplicity, we all are frayed strings dangling from the same Masihbrazleen skirt created celestial years prior to you, so do your best while you can and expect that not everything will that you hope for will automatically come true, not every mindforest manifestation is apt to go your way, you are not entitled to be consistently anything but breathing until Paelenrampako takes your breath away…
Finally friends who have listened this long, my Warflongpingin rant is nearly through, there is a fifth thing that I learned that I also want to share with you too, that no one is better or worse than anyone else regardless of what they do, for example some will grow up with more undolijenabs than any child could want and others could suffer for their dinners and never know a full day without mindforest horrors that haunt, some have known how being loved feels and others know about giving love too, while some have no idea which is which and if they did who to give some or none to, so no matter how wealthy or poor, with or without friends or how lowly or revered, no matter how much histeriabolics a man or woman has grown or cured, no matter if they believe in Jesus, Paelenrampako, tea leaves or how the stars move, no matter how glorious or covered in sin or how many gimmycornbits you can couldn’t produce, everybody has the same deal with destiny that from whatever side of Elestiatasia ye came, to it you will return again, each Masihbrazleen creation starts and ends the same.

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