There were bodies…

He makes me sad
You make me squirm
The other makes me secretive
He makes me question my motives
You make me think that stupid shit matters
The other makes me groove hard
so hard, oh god that all I do is think about you
and then him again because
He makes me think that I should settle
You make me think that I am on a diet
The other makes me think suspiciously
about everything, literally, which only directs my thoughts right back to how
He makes me hate my upbringing
You make me second guess myself a lot
The other makes my body jump when he’s no where near me it’s kinda creepy but then
He makes me think my weakness is cute
You make me want to live a lie
The other makes me feel stupid all of the fucking time
so inevitably
He frustrates me
You ignore me
The other plays games with me
And with the three of you I never know what to do
I know that one thing that I think about each of you is true-
He helps me to see that manipulation is real
You help me to see that nothing is real
The other helps to me see that what’s real will eventually heal
I know it will….

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