Tom Odell Tunes

Maybe, baby, they don’t want you like I do
Because you can’t do nothing for them
Except for listen to their problems and hug them tight
Except for kiss them at all hours of the day and night
Even though you can give them all your free time
Even though you can pay attention which don’t cost a dime
Maybe, baby, they don’t need you like I do
Because you can’t give anything tangible to them
Except for talk and debate and travel extra light
Except for sit back and get high and never fight
Even though you taste delicious from head to toe
Even though you probably know more about life than they know
Maybe, baby, they don’t love you like I do
Because they simply can’t recognize a gem
I wish I had the answer but I don’t because I’m me and not them
I’m sorry honey that you can’t get your way
I’m sorry that you’ll never love anyone who wants to stay
I’m sorry I can’t find comforting words to say
But mostly I’m sorry because, I’ve got no sway….

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