Fell in love with myself today
In a pretty common and physical way
I reminded me albeit briefly of a chick that I’d wanted to be
Since I was a relaxer wearing sandy brown buck toothed teen
The queenliest, restless, yes, but tested, kind eyes slightly rude
Material thick and ethereal out of control curls with an funny attitude
I felt my hair I felt my fingers I felt my inner thighs
And I was okay with her shape and her skin tone and her size
I saw her, justa glimpse of her, when I was super high
And if I could only understand the actual reason why
that for a second it was beyond mere physicality
for a second I thought that I was just a dope ass human being
Maybe I could come up with a way to keep my love for her alive
At the soberest and most quiet moments of my real hectic life
I ought to try-

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