It could have all been purposely and strategically executed or it could all have been the most random of accidents and more than likely a huge mistake.
It could all mean something and be linked and relevant or maybe, just maybe, it’s the longest suicide note ever left by any sentient beings in the history of life itself.
Nobody knows, we’re all just guessing from inside the jar what could be on the outside of it because we hope, we hope, don’t we?
He might like my lips very much and mean the compliment genuinely or he might be trying to be polite and can’t think of anything at all to like so he just mentioned my mouth because its neutral territory when my lips are moving constantly about what I hope would be since hoping is what we do, isn’t it?
It could have been planned and well orchestrated and unnecessary to divulge because of the obvious nature of the inherent design or it could have been complete fucking luck.
It could all be timeless interwoven beauty unwinding on the scales of the inevitable development of mankind as he becomes what he is supposed to be or it could be the evolution of the idiotic because only the dumbest among us keep procreating out of boredom.
Nobody knows, we’re all just calculating with archaic maths and miscommunicating how we really feel but we pray someone out there understands us because we hope, we hope, right?
Yeah,I think its what we are meant to do. Hope.

2 responses to “Hopeless Halyomorpha halys”

  1. Da Absentee Avatar

    Attempting to understand this in its entirety… are we humans the hopeless bugs or are you talking about yourself? We are all stuck in this hopeless jar of life. Ultimately we all die. Are we hopeful for everyone else or hopeful ourselves🧐🤨🤔


  2. Queen Rude Avatar

    Good Questions. Whatever you think I mean, That’s exactly right. 🙂


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