You were right…

You said that it was an impossibility
and of course I didn’t believe
So I wore that challenge like firetruck red lipstick
and left crimson mouth prints all over everything that I saw moving
trying to make any of it mean something but
no one else will ever do because the last time that I locked eyes
with a person who was trying to keep me
kissing him only made me fantasize, for a split second about you
I wished that it were your face and not his and my mind got so thoroughly entwined in this
that before I could even say sonofabitch
I clearly knew
that the impossibility that you spoke of was clearly true
especially when it comes to me and you
that unfortunately those feelings well up again in the clutches of someone new
If I loved you at all (ever) there is no way in hell just like you said (never)
that we could just be cordial acquaintances in this life or any other
there’s no friendship after being your lover
sadly that idea is dead if only I could get it out of my head-
I grabbed nobody’s face and pulled him in closer like everything was fine  but I was thinking of you the entire time… you’re still mine and I’m dying.
I hate you, I really do.

2 responses to “You were right…”

  1. Da Absentee Avatar

    Love is a dangerous playground


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