Phantogram in Heavy Rotation… or He love Jesus so much but not me…

Verily I say unto thee
This bitch is completely crazy…
Did he not just sayeth unto me
That he was no longer free? Uhhhhhhh
Abba sees all foul things
From the depths of this emotional tormenting
Hear me Ruth, please, hear me Naomi
A heartless NINJA will henceforth spring
Fucking up his equation for gravity
Teaching me evil over blessed charity
with King David’s humble sling, I fling-
Wanton desire as it wickedly leaks
(Boaz this situation did not bring)
Hold fast, alas, don’t come undone, dear one
There’s nothing that can be wrong if he’s really in love
Even when Babel’s cold heart has spoken
Even when all is lost and all is eternally broken
(Unequally yoking and no mo midnight chokin’)
Totally Tokin’, now Tokin’,  still Tokin’…..
Steadily the virtuous among ye stands strong
Continue to have compassion for new enemies, for however long
Like the lord your god has for thee
Thankfully he keeps forgiving endlessly
‘Cause fuck them niggas come next spring
This wasn’t a fling, what does he fucking mean…
Even if Caesar may have accidentally decreed
Broken hearts are in fashion this week
Be the baddest bitch that you can be
Because a replacement is non-existing-

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