Perhaps I’m more than just a lover but only slightly less than a wife-
Because that irritation that you need to feel with her, with me, exits life..
Perhaps you want me to stay, always, but simply cannot say…
Too much bullshit forever wrecklessly at play-
Perhaps I’m that awesome space between the two, in the dead center
Of her and him and me and you and I surrender-
That part that makes you jealous enough to show which screw is loose…
That part that makes life exciting and delicious and worth what you lose-
Perhaps I’m priceless from every angle and in every aspect.
Because I know I’m no Princess Diana, I’m not silly enough to think that,
Perhaps I am human marijuana, this seems fitting yet you’re filled with dread
Because no one was ever actually Aphrodite, that bitch came from our heads-
And perhaps all you are is a user who I like to see beg…
You heard what I said, It’s because of you that I tell myself these fairy tale lines…
Perhaps darkness and light shields how much the moon actually shines…
Because I know I’m not Joan of Ark this time…
No one will ever admit that they truly love me as much as they do.
Because nobody should want to be Cinderella except for a fool-
And the people who say that they love me are often balking at truth.
Because nobody should want to be Snow White, when life comes in hues-
Perhaps who I am can’t be defined by the fact I that I love you.
Because nobody should want to be Rapunzel before her hair grew
Perhaps my value isn’t even to one single man tied.
No matter how hard I have tried-
Lemme get you highhhhhhhh
Because nobody should want to be in a castle just to hide….
Whats wrong with being your favorite thing to ride?

2 responses to “Job Description”

  1. Da Absentee Avatar

    Disney fan! Low key like this one


  2. Queen Rude Avatar

    Thank you. Enjoy.


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