He hit the buzzer.
I hit the bowl and skipped to the door.
This shit ain’t important though….
Like I’m a fucking big ass child.
This shit ain’t important though.
When I know I’ll see him I know I’ll smile.
This shit ain’t important though…..
I’d done neither in a while.
He came through it and I closed it behind and I pushed him down, ready to control his mind, straight down the hallway, straight into my room, where “Permission” by Ro James has already been programmed to play on a loop and I set the timer on my phone for twenty minutes, after I hugged and lightly kissed him, after I put my hands down his pants and hurried him to remove them and after I pushed him down hard on the bed and straddled him and put a ball gag in his mouth and hovered over his lips with my lips just so that I could smell his milky breath and I restrained his arms and legs feeling his heat coming through my clothes and I’ve got nothing on under the dress I was wearing so I pressed my softest skin right next to his and he squirmed knowing full well the time hadn’t finished so I wasn’t letting him go, not right now so I went down and filled my mouth with all of him and he squirmed harder and lifted higher and I filled him up from the other end too until he spit out the gag moaning no and we locked eyes for a second, no, just a second no, no, no the longest second, no, of my entire day and I bit his thigh hard, red lipstick print covering where the bruise was gonna show, the one that he is going to have to hide from someone, for the next several days and remember thoughts of me just me and more me and he won’t stop squirming, no, no so he tried to tense up and whined come sit on my face and how could I resist that, kinda the point of the whole thing and it was the only time the entire time that I did what he told me, although, I hadn’t stopped doing what he wanted for split second and for the “second longest second” we were completely connected and it was yin and yang in the most delicate of poses, bodies entwined, movement in time, to Ro’s tempo; a circle; old and young and black and white, one with a hole of good and the other a hole of darkness inside but I couldn’t tell you which side was mine then
his nos were louder NO and longer NOOOOO he was licking me and the ball NO and before the alarm even sounded NO turned to triple oh’s and I could taste an entire generation oh oh oh dripping down my face and oh oh oh without hesitation I wiped us both down the song still playing on and set him free, no more eye contact this evening, and I told him to grab his shit and hit the road…rushing him like I had something else going on but I was all done with him and that, 5 minutes before the alarm was set to blow-
Life’s not a journey it’s a brutal symphony that has nowhere in particular to go….This shit ain’t important though….
I’m transcribing it like a photo.
This shit ain’t important though.
Just thought you oughta know.
This shit ain’t important though….

2 responses to “Alan Watts”

  1. Da Absentee Avatar

    Love the “dirt” of this post


    1. Queen Rude Avatar

      Thank you, as always.

      Liked by 1 person

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