My Mind, My Mood, My delicately poisoned pen…

Just 24 years, weeks, hours, seconds ago

You didn’t need me
Didn’t see me
Didn’t want just me
Something else
Somebody else
Somewhere else
was better suited
And I bled and wept
And I sewed up wounds
I scratched oozing scabs
I eventually sighed and moved on
And here you are
Just 24 years, weeks, hours, seconds later
Now you live for me
Love me
Nothing else
Nobody else
Nowhere else
will ever do
You’re shrunken and sullen
Saddened and shocked
Downtrodden and remorseful
Carrying a suitcase full of regrets…
And now you want
to claim your old spot back
two seconds too late
I’m sorry… I truly am
24 years, weeks, hours ago
there were chances
But now your old spot healed over
and you are the one
who doesn’t measure up.

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