My Mind, My Mood, My delicately poisoned pen…

Chords are changing
Improvisational riffs
Traversing all paths between the beginning and the cliff
This one is my hip hop, gritty and real
That one is my jazz with a melodious feel
The other is my hard rock headbanging mischief
The latest is the electronic rhythmic mystic
Nothing consistent over the bass yet it fits
But it never lasts no matter the song that I pick
Philosophy and physics used to be the same thing
Back when love meant the music was never ending
And the chords start repeating
As I learn the tunes
Trying to pick a better sound than previously hewn
Waiting for a wavelength to forever not quit
but I’m absent the senses that it takes to feel it
Chords start fading
And the phone stops ringing
When a friend with benefits
Is what the listener stops being…


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