Holiday cheer unfolding in the air
Brightly lit prisoners with loving to spare
Nothing else feels more grave
than wishing you’d have stayed
Wintry brainwashed slave
My own frigid jailer with no one to blame
Dancing on yule logs but don’t recall why
Everything we’re happy about is a cold overtold lie
And this is how we live our lives
So happy when we’re singing to hide benumbed cries
over and over repeating the same things
Celebrating relentlessly the fact that we’re living
In empty gingerbread covered caves
Wreaths around the frozen love that we gave
And I want to be like them so docile and so sure
And I want to be like them so oblivious and secure
But my tomorrow’s cursed with wind and snow
Nothing really matters or exists you know
Hearts burst and giving truly hurts
And your Santa knows that I’m the fucking worst…



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