Never tell me that you love me.
If you ever do this, then we can no longer see one another.
This is the absolute worst thing that could ever happen to us.
See, I love you, but I’m allowed to.
I’ve been married and divorced.
I’ve had a child and killed one.
I’ve traveled to other countries; I’ve been lauded, and loved and paid and broke and broken and sexually assaulted and raped and abandoned-
I’ve stolen and given charity. I wear tattoos and pearls. I’ve been addicted to things and people and ideas. I’ve caused a lot of people’s hurt.
I’ve even tried to commit suicide.
I’ve done things you’ve yet to do and to the world, you’re brand new and I am one of your phases, your favorite phase, absolutely, the one that you use as a northern star type guide throughout your life but baby you’re just starting your ride and I don’t want the time that I usurp from you to end you seeing it all. I’ve seen everything that there is to see and you are it for me. I will never love another man and I can say that with confidence because I have loved before and again and again and again since before you existed but don’t you ever try to give that back to me, don’t.
Because I won’t let you have it.
I’d let you go first, even if you admitted it for one second.
I want you to live the fullest life that you can my darling simply because you met me. But I’ve eaten spiders. I’ve lied to the government. I’ve been on TV. I’ve birthed a man who stands only six years younger than you stand. You cannot stay here, I won’t let you other than in my heart.
Never tell me that you love me or I can’t let you back in.
Everything about us, at that moment, would end.
Be a man.

2 responses to “Reverse Psychology Reversed”

  1. Da Absentee Avatar

    I can feel the truth and hurt of this piece. Question tho? What if? He is not ready to let you go?


    1. Queen Rude Avatar

      I have no control over my actions, either way.

      Liked by 1 person

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