In 2012, I walked through hell with a mean monster wasting time as it flew
In 2013, I left for greener pastures scared my life would always be blue
In 2014, I met a sneakier monster who couldn’t give me enough
In 2015, His stalking helped me decide that I would just give up on love
In 2016, A dirty monster came into my life and set everything on fire
In 2017, I didn’t think I’d survive not having the dirty monster by my side
In 2018, I now remember how I felt just 6 short years ago
I’m starting to see that I carried hell right along with me, dragging a new monster wherever I go
Changing patterns to avoid disasters is all the growing up that I have left to do
In 2019, I hope to god there are no more monsters blocking happiness from my view…

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