I only feel good when I feel bad
I only have hope when I miss you
I only write eloquent verse when you’re roaming around in my thoughts aimlessly
I only try when you lie and tell me things that I want to hear
but I hear them all of the time
And none of it counts unless it comes from your lips
None of it counts without
Your lips
Your lips make me a bad person
Your lips make me lie
Your lips taste like hot honey biscuits
Your lips make me drink too much
Your lips kill me
Your lips, eat at the very essence of my soul
and I only survive because I’ve known you
I’ve only survived because I’ve kissed you
I’ve only survived on promises of having you
I’ve only hurt us both because of it
I want to get away from you and be free and try to express myself eloquently again without you but there is no chance, there is no hope
You already know
I only feel good when I feel bad
And you’re the only thing I have to feel bad about…

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