If you’re not sure how you can tell
but you see me…. and guess what…. I’m fulla buts like…
But ain’t it is, what this is
What if you are not crazy if…
Maybe this isn’t where you don’t feel like you
You feel like an extension of them
You feel like super you….
And people seem to adhere to the fake version of you
but you need… You read… You embody… everybody…
But not the people you’d otherwise entertain
And changing is often good, changing is important
Except they are talking about shit that you used to talk about people talking about this shit about…so you laugh weirdly…and everybody knows..
You are yourself inside yourself debating yourself
And you nearly beat you when you realized that
With your mouth you’re their you but not your you…
This you?
You can’t tell neither?
This ain’t you…
What about I will not hurt others?
What about I will not hurt myself?

Nobody knows.
Not sure still, baby, you say to the doctor….
That’s you? You see me?

You say to you, cock eyed…

Don’t hurt others.
Don’t hurt yourself.
Them is the only rules.

Now what do you do?
No. No.

The real you…
you see me.


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