The clock tells me what to do
But in between the hands frozen still
I feel…
in the absence of motion
the pain of your loss disintegrates-
that blink before the hands press slightly forward
I believe that anything can happen
I am engorged with joy
I am in acceptance of my own being
I am enamored and ethereal and allusively
clinging to nothing
Now that you’re gone
I move freely
Now that you’re gone
I sling my body through the wind of ecstasy
I breathe
Since you’ve left me
I am solidified by a scent of peace
Since you’ve left me
I’m a little less weak
And then the tick congeals
warning that time has begun again
and it presses down
reigning me in
to that push for meaning
reigning me in
as the hands tell me
to stand up and move on
the hands tell me
to push for bigger love in the beyond
so I lean my dreams toward
chasing my heart’s future song
because stints only last so long…
So long…

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